Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The lotus of my life is now six months old.

Today is a milestone I chose to make a big deal out of for a few reasons. One being the concept of wrapping around the fact that my daughter is a half a year old!! The other two being that I decided to attempt food today (a sweet potato puree I made for her) and that since Addison is a winter baby I feel like it will be fun to celebrate her half birthday in the summer so that we can have outdoor excuses to be extra joyful. 

Preparing for her first 'solid' food meal
Since I started this blog so 'late' into my stay-at-home-mommy stint (I go back to work in a month) I haven't gotten to let you 'know' my baby girl so here are some things about this amazing kid:
  • Addison was unpredictable and determined from the womb on. She is quirky, willful, and clearly her own person. 
  • She photographs very differently, especially from birth to about three months. Sometimes I nail shots but it's uncanny how little photos do her justice. 
  • She was sucking on her hands in the womb and is still doing so now. She gets the thumb from time to time and even adds some feet and toes to the mix as well.
  • She is a thinker and observer. People always commend how observant she is and it is striking to see her processing her environment.
  • Addison is a social butterfly who easily adapts to new places and experiences. She loves to be out and about exploring and taking in new sites. She is often complimented for her calm demeanor and her ease around people.
  • This lovely little one is a true comedian. Her timing is impeccable, she makes the silliest of faces, and does funny jigs that she knows crack me up.
  • She is loving. Addison is all about the kisses and cuddling.
  • She is mellow yet expressive. This baby lets her needs be known, but is really a cool and collected baby overall.
  • She makes sounds that border on pterodactyl, fairy, dolphin.
  • She seriously loves her feet.
  • She enjoys the Beatles and Bob Marley.
  • She is mesmerized by the iphone.
  • She has one of, if not THE GREATEST SMILE EVER. ever. Really. Cameras do no justice.
In short--this baby is all I could ever ask for, all that I need, and more than I could have imagined. The early days were very difficult, and some days are still trying, but I have been blessed with a baby who fits me so well. We are a nice little team already and I hope I can celebrate her in a way that shows how much I appreciate her and love her exponentially. Seriously this baby WOWS me.

One of those 'bad' photos that I just love

To celebrate her I sang her special songs, gave her extra love (like a ridiculous amount of hugs, kisses, and cuddles), made her first food and had a whole feeding spectacle twice today, dressed her up, made her some cute accessories for photo shoots, played a ton, bought her a mobile, bows, a raspberry teether (which she loves) and prepared for our picnic/concert that sadly got rained out-- which was fine because Addison just wanted to cuddle and nap on her mama (which means it's 11pm and she is awake) while mama finished season 3 of "Being Human" and ate three of her decadent homemade 'almost' vegan truffles. Simply fabulous.

First batch of food!! Two sweet potatoes made over 18oz!! 
Addison is a bit suspicious of this mobile business!
This is by Kenneth Brown baby, and is the Sweet Stitches line,
which I seriously swoon over!

I made her this medallion for the photo shoot she didn't
want to partake in.

What she wanted to do rather than pose.
So many sad, stressful, and tragic events have been occurring around me lately, and although I have had my fair share of drama and suffering these past six months and beyond, deep down inside and often on the surface I feel severely BLESSED and THANKFUL for the life I have had. Sometimes I still feel sorry for myself (it's like a knee-jerk reaction) but when I look at Addison and I see how she gazes at me from her stark grayish-hazel eyes, when I see that giant gummy smile, when I SEE HER in any capacity-- I know why I am alive and I am GRATEFUL. I have a ton less freedom, a lot of responsibility, some moments in which I am spent, but I ALSO HAVE BOUNDLESS LOVE and LIFE, which is more valuable than anything else I could imagine. 

Happy half/un birthday to my stunning sage Addison Rose.

I would say she enjoyed the day!

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