Sunday, July 31, 2011

S.M.I.L.E.//L.7: Early Days Uniform

In case no one told you, there is a mom uniform that you will don in the early days, weeks, maybe months. For the first month of Addison's life I predominantly lived in: PAJAMAS. Since it was winter when she was born I often wore pajama sets with button down fronts (which were rarely buttoned since I was non-stop nursing!)

Exhibit A. There are no flattering pictures of me for the first two months
of Addison's life--or should I say, my full-time mom life.

At first I was down about the fact that I barely brushed my hair and lived in pj's (albeit some cute ones) for weeks--but I quickly understood one of my first mommy milestones: letting go of vanity for the tiniest of periods in order to enjoy making my life solely about a newborn. That time went by super fast, and there will be days that we spend in our pj's, but they won't ever be worn as proudly.

Exhibit B. New moms are a lot like rock stars: Messy hair. Up all night.
Little sleep. Dazed look in the eye. Hanging with cute babes. Oh yeah!

To add to this: If you are nursing, you will be half-naked all of the time in those early weeks. Who has time to keep putting on clothes when there is a baby at your booby for at least 12 out of the 24 hours you are granted in your day? I am not going to post those pictures, but those days happened too.

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