Monday, August 15, 2011

First Foods Faces

While I am restoring my energy from a weekend full of fun, inspiration, and also family emergencies and intense thunderstorms I will focus on something simple love that I love: Addison's food faces! Each one is unique and awesomely quirky. This kid endlessly cracks me up.

Sweet Potatoes (The first food)

Peas (The favorite so far)

Applesauce (Bitterness!)

Carrots (the pits for Addy)

Rice Cereal (surprisingly, she enjoyed it right away!)

 Sigh. This baby is yummy. I won't eat her....well, I won't swallow her up.

Oh, and I caved and bought the rice cereal based on persuasion from the pediatrician. When I was a kid I had bouts of anemia, mostly from lack of attention to a balanced diet so I fear iron deficiency. I considered using this recipe but instead went with Earth's Best. Much to my surprise she gobbled it up happily! Maybe this can postpone my decision to give her any meat substances before she is able to ask for it. Hmm....the lofty goals of new parents....


  1. Oh my gosh! Super cute! So many foods.. I can totally tell she likes the green peas.. Her expressions is so yummy! Lol.

    So far we've tried bananas, organic brown rice, strawberries, blueberries, pears, and carrots. Brown rice is probably her least favorite with the juicy fruits her favorite, but we haven't made anything a staple. We'll probably start next month (6 months) on solids with a schedule.

    How many months are you at again?


  2. Thank you!!! Yes, peas were her favorite and now she loves the brown rice cereal! She's an unpredictable little gal.

    Addison is now 6 1/2 months and I am still in experimenting phase since I decided to delay solids until 6 months. Tomorrow I am going to start her on squash for three days, then green beans, then more fruit and then I will probably mix things up a bit. She hasn't had any reactions other than mild constipation so I am beyond thankful thus far. Feeding is such a daunting adventure!