Monday, September 5, 2011

Maximizing an Apartment Entry Way/ Foyer

 I strive to be a super-organized mama. It is important for me to have designated places for everything, reminders, systems, or what-have-you in order to A. keep sane, B. actually keep up with a busy life, C. to feel peaceful, and D. to amp up productivity (a word that is rarely used during the summer months). I love homes that are streamlined and get goose-bumps over clever methods to make managing life smooth. Some may not see life as something that needs to be 'managed' and "summer Jenn" loves to rebel and live like a total bohemian....so that Type A Jenn can take over for most of the school year. Now that I have a child I feel it is even more important to SIMPLIFY and keep up with organizational systems or anything that can make life easier and neat so that I can be present as much as possible.

A little vignette of my entry display shelf. I made the drawing a few years
back and the oil burner is an oldie from The Body Shop.
I am a believer in the whole concept that the state of your home is a reflection of the state of your mind (or inner self). If my house is a mess my mind is a mess and vice versa.  Often some time and forethought is needed to establish home systems that work for you, but I find projects fun, especially when they are finished! Here is a look at how I maximized the efficiency and also personalized the little entryway of my apartment (which will likely evolve as Addison gets older).

I would love more color in the entry but as a renter 
there are times that I need to weigh out how 
depth I want a project to be, so I easily settle with 'near' perfect.
I love coming home to inspiration and personal trinket as
much as I like a streamlined functional space.

DIY Dry Erase Boards! I used glass frames from Ikea with patterned scrapbook paper. One is for Daily/Weekly(ish) Checklists and another to randomly write down reminders and things I remember to buy. They make me happy.

A message by the door. My first attempt at cross-stitch.
What are some techniques you use to make life more organized?