Friday, August 5, 2011

S.M.I.L.E//L.8: Babies have claws

Cute little baby hands seem harmless, sweet, soft, right? Suuuuure.
Today's lesson is one I keep relearning and adapting to. Baby finger nails are elusive and they are dangerous. They grow at alarming rates and  are attached to little squirmy worm wigglers who will look like Edward Scissorhands if you do not cut or file their nails every other day! Even those sneaky toe nails manage to mutilate the most unassuming little sausage legs.

For many new moms cutting nails is the stuff fears are made of. You will want to avoid doing this task, but if you do not face the challenge in a timely fashion people will wonder how many cats you own by the slices that will appear on you and your baby.

Baby nails are like kitty claws or talons that dig into you while nursing.
Not. Fun.

Word to the wise: have little baby friendly emery boards around for keeping the razors at bay.

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