Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Five Essentials: Newborn+ Edition

I would love to be a minimalist, but the truth is I do like to have some stuff...not a lot, but the things I love I REALLY love or tend to be super thankful I had those things. When it comes to babies and children in general, I am a believer in less is more (though I don't want Addison to feel like she is 'without', but she did have more fun with a large plastic cup the other night than with anything else I've seen to date). I digress...Here is a list of some of mine and Addison's favorites (particularly those things that were the best during her newborn days).


Of the two covers I have this is my favorite!

This is hands down my favorite item in the land of baby care. The boppy is perfect or nursing, propping a baby for naps/tummy time/sitting up, cuddling, mama backaches, the cases are easy to remove/put on AND the pillow is also washable. One of the only things I would say is a MUST have.

Baby burrito!!

I received four of these (the one pictured included) as shower gifts and I have to say these were SUCH a lifesaver. Too often Addison managed to unravel herself from her blankets no matter how tight we wrapped her...heck, she eventually figured a way out of these! Granted you may feel like you are putting your baby in a straight jacket, but Addison was snug, warm, and slept much better in the sack.

Wipes/Diapers Case and Changing Pad
JJ Cole Collections: "Cocoa Tree"
I have the changing pad pictured but not this particular case
(although it is lovely!)

These may seem like 'luxury' items but I found that I really didn't need to lug a whole diaper bag around as much as I needed my essentials--wipes (for all things messy), diapers, and a clean surface. I was always able to fit the latter in my larger-than-life purse (it beats having two bags) and have relied upon that changing pad in every imagined circumstance. I have also used the pad to lay Addison on while hanging out--remember, this is the newborn edition--as in this was perfect for a baby who just lays there.

Sound Sleeper
The one pictured is the Dex Baby Sound Sleeper.
I was given this based on my friend Laura's experience with her own baby.
Addison loves the sounds of the ocean waves the most. 

The sound sleeper helped me as much as it helped the baby. This little machine has an array of soothing sounds to emit some white noise in order to lull your newborn to sleep.  I like that this machine has a function that has a half-hour timer so that you can fall asleep!

Travel System Stroller

The one I have here is the Chicco Cortina Discovery.

 Having a travel system makes life easier and also gives you more bang for your buck. If you drive you need a car seat (heck, they won't let you leave the hospital without one) and the beauties of this bucket car seat is that it comes with a newborn insert and head rest, it serves as a rocker (perfect for napping and letting baby hang out and watch you while you are trying to do...other things)/ The seat also clicks right into the stroller so it is easy to transfer the baby. I chose this system because in the upright position this stroller can last you for years. The main stroller is super easy to open and close (all with one handle), has an adjustable handlebar, bottom storage, multiple cup holders, and it is the lightest of its kind. 

The wheels can get awkward at times (I am a bit of a stroller spaz) and with the seat in the full recline it is hard to access the storage basket...BUT I have managed to do a ton of food shopping/errand run using the stroller, the two canopies are perfect for protecting baby from the elements, and seriously, when there aren't any changing tables in sight (which there rarely are) then using your stroller in the total recline position is great!

All of the above are just my personal favorites! 
What has been something you are happy you had for your baby?

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