Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Eye Candy (Past-due)

I am a bit behind here, but I had some great times this past weekend and have been such a busy mama as I spiral out into an obsessive frenzy of task attacking and projects mayhem in preparation for the school year starting. Thus, I need to stop, enjoy moments, and then reflect on how good life truly is.

Last Thursday was a day of mama milestones some low (court date for custody...grr) and some high (first night out without baby to go see The Flaming Lips, Weezer, and Yeasayer @PNC Bank Arts Center--wow is all I can say still!) All of the excitement from Thursday mixed with rainy weather Friday kept us in and super lazy. We made up for that over the next few days.

Saturday July 30th: Van Duzer Days part II! This week's was on the empty side and reminded me of the changing times as new faces were cropping up from every corner, but the weather was beautiful, music delightful, and of course it was great to be with some of my loveliest of local friends.

Baby "parking lot"
Hells yeah yarn bombs!
This place is becoming the local hot spot and now has a sound system to envy,
Local used book store run by my friend's mama. Awesome place!
Addy is already a music critic like her mama.
Local riot girl band "Plastiq Passion" rocked out. Addison was mesmerized.
I believe this was a joint effort. I know one artist is Nani Castle.
Mike Shane brings his work to the canvas! I super love this piece.
Sunday July 31st: Another Williamsburg day with the past-her-due-date-by-six-days and still walking around and radiant Lauren (who has since had her baby!!) We visited some adorable local shops (I even bought some seriously cute things at Crossroads Trading Co. aka my new favorite store) and spent a lot of time at the Brooklyn Art Library pouring through journals part of the Sketchbook Project. Addison loved all of the visual stimulation. While walking around we chatted up an older Polish woman whose sense of humor about motherhood and changing trends was so perfect.  Later we went back to Lauren's apartment, snacked, and watched Sex and the City 2 which Lauren fittingly declared was an eye-candy film. Since I was super exhausted I stopped at my favorite island (as in Staten) spot for a personal pizza and enjoyed the rest of the night snuggled with my baby girl. Love inspiring weekends!

One of my favorite pairs of shoes (which are sadly falling apart now)-- made by LAMB.
PROUST! Oddly added to a tapestry of African presidents inside a
WIlliamsburg bookstore. Mind me as I didn't take down any names
 and don't feel like researching this late.
Sketchbooks of 2011! I definitely want to participate!!

This artist is from the UAE and created a jaw droppingly amazing litho
I think I drooled over this one. All papercuts and all superb.
If I felt like searching I could remember the original piece of
Dutch master art this is playing off of, but it is just so cute.
Want this for Addy so badly but not $52 bad.

I am so thankful for all of the experiences, people, music, and joy I get to share with my daughter. She loves to be involved in all of the action and soaks it all up. Life for us is about the inspiration and newness of the world around us. Love.

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