Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nurse Out Loud: Celebrating Breastfeeders

One of the highlights of my month was participating in a last minute local celebration of The Big Latch On  for World Breastfeeding Week. It was a small gathering organized by my dear friends of Birth Right Now yet it was inspiring to know that we were all part of an international moment--  a larger collective community. Every woman there had such stories and insights--I feel lucky to have met each one of them and in the short time that we sat and chatted I learned a lot. Mostly, I came away with a feeling that there was even more support out there than there was when I woke up that morning. 

A beautiful group of mamas and babes! 8/6/11

I am a firm believer in breastfeeding though I know how hard it can be for some women. Thus I love to celebrate those who make it work. I remember how much I struggled at first, how much my baby seemed to feed forever, how alienated I felt, how many factors there were riding against me and how little I trusted my own body. I will save my soapbox and use this post to celebrate why it is important to be open and honest about breastfeeding in order to re-normalize the act, and to build up the women who make the commitment. Although I tend to cover up when I nurse in public (which is something I understand the BF community often sees as a point of contention) I have learned now to do what I do for me and not so much for other people who may be 'disturbed'.

Soooo...What I really want to share is THIS ARTICLE FROM "The Babe and the Breast" outlining why more women need to SEE other women nursing.

The next thing I want to share is from "Kind Over Matter"-- a truly inspirational site for all creatives that I have been marveling over for years now! (My other blog was once thanked on there which gave me so much glee!) In KOM's extensive freebie section you can find these thoughtful thank you cards:
You can download them here.

Believe me, breast feeders need a lot of support and celebration in the present cultural climate (thus the need for a term like lactivist--I mean, really?) Here's to all of the BF mamas who have come before me, and those to come! 


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