Monday, August 29, 2011

Addison's Five Favorites: Newborn+ Edition

Shopping for toys is overwhelming for me, especially when babies are at an age in which they barely understand play. Addison is starting to love playing and discovering, but before her real awakening, she had some favorites as a newborn.


I love this toy so so much and forgot who bought it for us. Besides the eye-catching geometric shape and bold colors, this Skwish is made of wood and the pieces are all attached with soft elastic cord that makes the tetrahedron bendable. Some of the larger wooden balls slide which makes a delightful sound while being rattled about. I just remember Addison being so fascinated with this contraption and I felt very safe with her playing with it because of the wood, lack of sharp edges, pliability, and overall design.

Another gift that keeps on giving. Addison seems to love all things elephant and this one is fun because it makes a shaker sound and has chewable hands and feet that make for a fun dance routine. The rattle has a reflective inner surface and beads inside that give them a a soft maracas sound. Then there are the two teethers and keys that Addison has only recently shown interest in.

This was Addison's first favorite toy. I love the face on this cutie and Addison loved the soft rattling sound, the grab-ability, the crinkly leaves, and the bold colors. 

 I chose the 'boy' pattern because it is WAY cooler than the girls' and seems rather gender neutral to me. This activity mat has a fun bohemian feel with the mixture of patterns and earth tones. I love how kitschy the animals are and how easy this is to store. The bars are soft and pliable. The giraffe plays twinkle twinkle. The only warnings---the pillow is very slippery and is NOT meant to be used under a baby's head (yes I learned this the hard way) and the mirror is more of the circus variety and may scare your baby (also learned the hard way).

Tummy Time Soft Books

The one we were given  is called "I See Shapes" and even though there are tons of these types of books it seems that this company is impossible to find. Addison LOVED her book so much and it definitely helped her with her tummy time since she had something to look at. This book also stood up on its own and gave Addison ample entertainment when sitting up or laying down. She loved to manipulate its accordion shape, gnaw at the edges, and squeal over the colors. I was amazed at how long she could stare at the same things for so long, but luckily the book is two-sided so I could 'change-up' the story line here and there.  

Honorable Mentions
(though I love these even more than Addison does):

Aren't these so beautiful? I love all of the colors, the crinkly sounds, and all of the little bits to play with...Addison is so so about these. Some days she loves them, some days she could care less. Now that she is older she is moving away from some of these toys and on to new things. Soon we will do a 6month+ toylist.

What are some toys that your newborn responded to?

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