Thursday, July 14, 2011

Local "Celeb"//Baby the Mama Article

Let's go back: A little over a month ago I, along with some great friends got the opportunity to be interviewed for the Staten Island Advance in order to discuss preparing and birthing with a doula. Let's go further back: When I was pregnant (and feeling rather alone) I learned what a doula was and decided having one was important for me and the experience I wanted. Little did I know how much life would be improved because of my amazing doula (and friend) Laura of Birth Right Now. The story of Laura and I, and my delivery deserve their very own extra-special tear-jerker posts, but before I get to those (and properly introducing myself) I wanted to share this article because: 1. Birth Right Now is up to some seriously awe-inspiring projects and advocacy efforts (definitely check out the page on facebook for more details); 2. You can see video of me (yes, a real live person) and Laura talking about giving birth in the U.S.; AND 3. My darling Addison is a supah-star. 

Photo by Jodi Lee Reifer of the Staten Island Advance
That goofy-grinned mama is me, and that charming babe is all mine!
Check it out HERE! We're also a bit proud that this article is the most recommended ever through SILive! I'm really not a gloater, but this makes me so happy because of the positive intentions each had to be sent with! love love.

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