Wednesday, July 13, 2011

S.M.I.L.E// L.1:You will lose hair

While you are pregnant those unpredictable hormone lovelies will do all sorts of wild things. One thing your body does is keep you from losing your daily dose of hairs. This will not occur to you outright because hormones will make you forget life before pregnancy until WHAM you realize you are YOU again, plus baby. Two separate beings. One is you, but not the person you remember...well not at first at least.

Time passes and you pick up on (or just pick up) many things. Like:

You will lose hair.
There's no use trying to save it!
Lots of it.
  • It will remind you of the cats you had before baby was born (but less mysterious and surprisingly hypo-allergenic).
  • You had forgotten how much hair one loses in a day and how said hairlings end up entangled in everything. 
  • You had forgotten how dust bunnies are predominantly hair tumbleweeds looking for something to cling to.
  • You will freak out at the hair massacre on your sheets.
  • You will notice tendrils in your baby's hands, wrapped around little folds, in between fingers.
  • If you are like me you will be vigilant about picking up pieces of your own hair because for some reason it freaks/skeeves (er, not a real word) you out to no avail especially when all over the bathtub. 
  • If you are like me, you may have a mild case of OCD...or just the obsessive part. 

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