Thursday, July 21, 2011

S.M.I.L.E.//What It's All About

Since Mamahood I've Learned Endlessly...
...and with motherhood, smile you will...even if it's through your teeth sometimes

This is the feature that gave me the final impetus to start this blog. While pregnant I tried to cram as much knowledge into my cranium as possible and any mama knows that EVERYONE will give you their two cents when they know you're expecting. Living life became a virtual textbook tour of all things to come....but, you can never be too prepared! Motherhood (to be fair, parenthood) will give you opportunities to learn so many things NO ONE ever told you (or at least you totally forgot until you EXPERIENCED it!)

October 24, 2010. 24+weeks prego. A belly full of baby and random people's advice

SMILE is a fitting acronym for all of those random profound (or pretty crazy) things I am picking up along this wacky, fun, challenging, exhausting, BEAUTIFUL journey.

I hope you share some of your wisdom too!

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