Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maya Wrap My Love

When I like a product or find something ingenious I OBSESS and tell everyone in ear shot who may care. As a first time mama I had a lot of expectations about the type of mom I would be and found myself quickly overwhelmed by choosing products for my registry. Then came the anticipation of what baby and I would actually get. I have quickly learned that a lot of things are nice but not necessary and some things are WAY better than expected. In my mind I imagined myself being total baby-wearing obsessed mama and though I do wear her hear and there, it took some time for me to get used to. There are a million types I want to try but money doesn't allow for me to have all the nifty slings-and-things--although, of the carriers (or any baby accoutrements) I do have, my favorite is my MAYA WRAP (courtesy of my thoughtful friends Danielle and Jen).

7/2/11: "Have Maya will travel"-Metrocard peeking out of pocket
When Addison was a newborn this wrap (which is actually a sling) was perfect for toting her in the cradle hold. As a winter baby this proved to be an excellent place for her to snuggle in and nap those few times I didn't nap with her. Then there came an awkward period in which she was slightly too big to sit comfortable in the cradle position but too small to carry her upright against my body--but I did not abandon my maya--oh no! What turned a like into a LOVE was my last minute decision to take a Manhattan adventure for Addison and I to see Amma at the Roseland theatre. Just us. I wasn't fully clear on what to expect upon arrival, but I knew a stroller would be way too cumbersome so I decided we would make the PT (public trans) trek with just the sling, a bookbag and some faith--no baby tank!

Once I got the hang of holding Addy upright facing me we ventured towards the ferry and by the time we got to the Manhattan side I was feeling the glow of love start to warm my cheeks--but the ultimate REASONS I LOVE MY MAYA WRAP are:

1. While on the subway and in the theater I was able to discreetly nurse without much maneuvering.

Little feet giving up her existence while nursing underneath 

2. The super deep and convenient pocket held my cellphone and metrocard with ease and comfort (I was even able to fit my giant wallet in there and walk around the venue sans backpack).
3. I didn't kill my back carrying a baby around on and off for twelve hours.
4. She napped for a total of three and a half hours in there!!

Out. Cold.
5. I was able to socialize, travel quite a distance, wait in a line, and use BOTH hands while toting her comfortably.
6. I got so many compliments on how PRETTY it is!
7. Even when others were holding her, wearing the sling/wrap still looked so cute! :)

Adventure gals on ride home--beaming from our Amma hug!
8. It's very easy to wash and also easy to guide material through rings.
9. There are tons of colors/prints--even dudes like em! 
10. The 'tail' (long piece of hanging fabric used to adjust) is fun to use to play peekaboo or fan your baby. Try it.
Sigh. I love love.

7/10/11: Us at our beautiful friend Bridgette's Baby shower (hells yea alliteration!)

Oh, AND if you want to learn more about Baby Wearing, seriously google "Benefits of Baby Wearing"and read the top five links. All great. I especially love this one, but really, you could easily find  yourself on a link chase reading about this topic. You may even stumble upon things like this video. That's right: "All the baby mamas". Need I say more? Welcome to a whole new world of obsessions!

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