Saturday, July 16, 2011

S.M.I.L.E.//L.3-5: What smells beneath...

This here is a three-parter because one realization often sparks a few more...

I find myself relatively lucky that my sense of smell is poor. Even while pregnant I wasn't plagued by supersonic olfaction, just the ability to recognize everything around me (which made me appreciate all I didn't smell before). Yet, there is something about scents that trigger memory, particularly sensations of emotion.
Sneaking a sniff.  (Addison @two months)
Lesson 3: Your baby's scent will inebriate you

Everyone loves the 'baby' smell, but there is something about sniffing your own that sends a primal tickle through you and makes you levitate from the intensity of intangible love. 

Now, babies come with a lot of bodily functions that can make you cringe, make you laugh, and make you raise an eyebrow. I expected to handle a lot of potential grossness and was shocked that on my first night alone with my newborn I was not mortified when she had the most MEGA of poops that managed to get EVERYWHERE. My finesse was not refined, but I managed to laugh. I honestly believed if I could handle tar-like meconium poop I could handle anything. Then I became even more spoiled because:

Lesson 4: Breastfed baby poop smells almost pleasant

This is not to suggest that I enjoy the smell of my baby's poop; I understood that breast feeding would create what I call manageable all-naturale waste, but what I was surprised to learn is that I would come to accept the slightly sour milk aroma. When I open the diaper can to add to the heap, I don't shudder. Thus, I was mortified when I learned of what I squeamishly call "neck cheese".

Lesson 5: NECK CHEESE! (blech)

Drool from dogs: kind of gross and annoying. Drool from babies: glistening liquid cuteness. Drool that accumulates in the folds of cutie baby neck fat: THE WORST SMELL EVER! I was advised about being diligent about cleaning baby rolls because of smells and sweat, but nothing prepared me for what drool between bath times could do.  The neck of a newborn was hard to maneuver and the first whiff of the mystery smell led me to inspect those folds closely and to my dismay I found drool build up that had pretty much congealed into more solid than liquid to create the most pungent display of bodily function I have experienced from the cute little pixie above. 

Suffice to say I am obsessed with all things to prevent the recurrence of neck cheese. Regular neck fold inspections and extra baby sniffing. Be forewarned.

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