Friday, July 15, 2011

S.M.I.L.E.// L.2: Ordinary becomes EXTRAORDINARY

I've always been excited about the 'little' things, whatever often goes unnoticed or under appreciated. Perhaps I am mundane to begin with, but tiny details make me squeal--(though not too loud, I'm easily embarrassed--except when it comes helping out a friend, or anything involving kids.) I love to impart on my students the wisdom of one of my favorite professors Ed Hack: "The most simple is often the most profound." When it comes to babies...get ready for a life of zeal over virtual minutiae.

June 30, 2011. Baby feet are spectacular.
With babies come so many milestones of development and each tiny indicator of growth a reason to call the press to report the magnificence that is your kid. For an outsider the success of being able to acknowledge one's own feet may not seem like much, but to a new parent it is the sunmoonstars. There is something so magical about being able to stop time and be totally present while experiencing the progress a baby makes while on the human voyage. Simple success. Overwhelming joy at watching the beauty of life unfold. Oh so zen.

In the midst of it all you may forget the date, the exact outfit your babe was wearing, whether you showered that day or not...but one thing is for sure, you will remember the magic of the moment. You will be profoundly moved by the tiniest details, ordinary movements that occur with nearly everyone since the beginning of humanity--but nonetheless you will FEEL BIG things because of something so little.

May 18, 2011. Three months and life is looking up.

The first time Addison really lifted her head while on her tummy I applauded, laughed, hoorayed, did all but throw confetti...each subsequent time I felt quite the same. The first time she straight looked me in the eyes and turned from side to side (like an animatronic baby) I cried.

The first real squirms to indicate crawling is around the corner I sang motivational songs, bellowed "Go Addy Go" for the world to hear, recorded her accolades for the proof of her greatness and felt myself blush from excitement.
July 13, 2011. Sitting up record holder: Addison Rose!
You may cheer aloud, it's fun!
For some time I have known that sitting up on her own was rearing quite close as she loves to practice. Then two days ago she was able to stay (while supporting her weight with her arms) for about thirty seconds. The next day: THREE minutes. No big deal right?? WRONG.

Lesson: When you become a parent--you become intoxicated by your child's successes...and the highs from those tiny little feats? Well, I'm still floating.

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