Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wonder-full Weekend//July 22-24.2011

I love full weekends in which there is tons to look forward to (albeit somewhat exhausting considering the heat and my general anxiety)--it brings me so much happiness to give Addison so many experiences and people to watch. This weekend involved new milestones, old friends revisited, play dates, a local 'festival', and another successful gathering of mamas-to-be.

Sadly I forgot to take actual pool pictures but I did snap Addy in the
cute bathing suit her cousin Paulie picked out.
Friday July 22: Addison was invited to her first 'pool party' (four mamas and babes hanging and lunching just because) and had her first big-person-pool experience. She was instantly enchanted by the comforting waters, kicked, and later napped in my arms while I mostly bobbed around and enjoyed the respite from the heat. Later that day we so happened to get together with an old friend who has been living in Shanghai for the last two years and met for coffee at The Full Cup (Staten Island's most happening spot right now--and where it seemed everyone did in fact know my name).  I think I was heat drunk because I forgot to take pictures!! I had Addison's car seat in the empty vintage bathtub randomly housed in the midst of the front area's couches for some time. She mostly napped and people-watched while we caught up on lost times.

VAN DUZER DAYS! (photo by our friend and local music legend Matt Wilson)
Saturday July 23: One of my favorite happenings on the island is Van Duzer Days (here is the 2009 entry from my alternate blog--2010's report has so far been skipped over because of my 'I was pregnant and thus lapsed on all blogging while I adjusted to reality' spell). One of the most culturally rich blocks is closed off for the day and there is live art, craft activities (which I am usually hosting for children), music, vintage, and all around straight up old school FUN! Last year I was joyous knowing that the next year's events would include me with a baby, and last year's marked when I told some of my most awesome friends about my pregnancy. For the next three Saturdays Addy and I will get to enjoy some summer freedom and celebration, but here are some highlights from this week:
I was so excited to see this new ice cream parlor open up. It is far more
 appropriate than some of the other odd things it has been (like a psychic shop).
I had the Cappuccino Kahlua Calypso and it was divine.
Sweet details!! A little kid's corner!
An abacus!! (And the lovely Ella on counting)

Little V matched the paints so well
The darling and talented Rob Carey
The dynamic Nick Williams and the Anteaters
Captain Ahab and the Sea Crakcens
 (the island's premiere and only surf rock band!)
Live art in the streets! Addison was mesmerized by this one!
The immensely multi-talented Chris Sorrentino
I need to get the artist's name! 
It was hours before I noticed this random oddity outside of an estate sale building.
The best part about the day was all of the love Addison and I received!!
Sunday July 24: This marked the second "Fearless Birth" free class (put together by Birth Right Now) hosted in my apartment. Until the business finds a suitable center to grow I am using my space (which is pretty spacious and very comfy) to hold an exciting amount of classes. The excitement I have is immeasurable since I not only get to help support a dear friend who I deeply admire, but I also get to support something I feel IMMENSELY passionate about: motherhood and children. This week's class brought together another set of expectant mamas that I was so happy to socialize with and tell my story to. For me these workshops never get old because the information is so pertinent, the community and love so palpable, and the positive energy so necessary. Women need support and camaraderie, especially during the transition to motherhood. I love the feeling of 'paying it forward' and having the opportunity to partake in beauty.

After the class, Addy and I were visited by her Granna Iva and Uncle Chris which was so so nice. We ate some delicious pizza from my favorite local place Marie's and they got to see Addison do all of her 'baby tricks'. The two of us were so exhausted from all of the beauty, love, and excitement over the weekend that it carried over into a rather lazy monday.

Here's to community!!!

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