Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Approved Awesomeness: Misha Lulu Style

I get all gooey over Misha Lulu's aesthetic. I can stare at images of their clothes for hours and imagine myself as a kid again frolicking through bohemian forests while wishing on dandelions and building beautiful pillow forts. Just enchanting.

I swear this could be Addison in a few years!
Beautiful Billie Holiday dress from the surplus store.
I adore the photography and COLORS!
Taken from the Misha Lulu blog
Bohemian baby. This is from an old collection
but all of their stuff is worth looking through for
the sheer artfulness and whimsy.
And now they have collaborated with the
iconic Hello Kitty for even sweeter vintage infused fashion!
The childhood I dreamed of.

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