Thursday, November 24, 2011


There's a lot out there to be thankful for. Just this one thing brings me more joy than I can fully fathom:

This has been a year of firsts, of facing challenge after challenge with as much grace as I can muster, of healing from the past, of dancing and laughing and playing. From Halloween to Christmas I am full of holiday spirit and pensiveness. The beginning madness of returning to work while adjusting to motherhood (especially single motherhood) has been so time consuming that I didn't pay close enough attention to documenting Halloween (though I did make Addie's costume, she WAS Yoda, and we did have a lovely evening despite it being an exhausting Monday), and I barely paid mind to the Day of the Dead (which is sad because we lost some people close to us this year)...but I will not let my other favorites and Addie's firsts slip away. Right now I have the opportunity to create a new vision of what family means to one little life. Despite our circumstance not being what I "planned" (I'm sure you all know that word is laughable), it is as great as I can make it. I look forward to the traditions we create, the joy we share, the love we spread. In our home those things are real, and I am happy we are making our lot truly beautiful.

Our Thanksgiving mantle. Quick garland of cardstock leaves with little thankfuls on the back. 

I love any reason to stop and list what I am thankful for. Here is a short little list of my present gratitude:

1. Addison Rose: my sage, my comedian, my deep-thinker, my dare-devil, my love.
2. Those family members who know the real meaning of family
3. My beautiful friends!
4. Birth Right Now and the amazing community developing around it
5. Seriously I am thankful for my MacBook and my iphone. Life is easier, more fun, and so much more functional because of these luxuries.
6. Being able to eat healthfully because of the options available to us
7. Our lovely comfortable home that keeps evolving
8. My career and Addie's daycare being right next door
9. Addison's caregivers and little buddies!
10. All of the beautiful babies being born around us!!
11. The increasing momentum to create again!
12. Autumn leaves, air,  and the rich glow of the afternoon
13. Laughter...every day in so many ways
14. The inspiration that lives in every corner...
15. A new day.

I am thankful for so much and I count my blessings every day. Today I hope to meditate a bit and resound all that I deeply appreciate about my life, from the material to the spiritual. Here is to many more days of being grateful. Love to all of you out there.

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