Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Missing Niche

Hello dear friends! Remember me? I barely do so I understand! Well, another great lesson that time has taught--I am still a flaky blogger and NOW I totally get why my kind doesn't seem to exist in the blogosphere: SINGLE WORKING MOTHERS have NO TIME at all. For reals. Was I surprised when I couldn't find a single blogger who truly represented me? Yes. Am I now? No way. All of those women are constantly weighing out what to do with the banked minutes, and reeling from the few moments of quiet time that for me translates into an existential trance or a race to get as many things done as possible.

I have stories. I have new epiphanies, anxieties, milestones to gush over. I have cute photos (though my camera makes them far from great photos). BUT...I also have the hot new tired look that I can't seem to shake..and I seriously can't remember if I washed my hair during yesterday's shower. (Mind you it's the weekend, so I may get a shower today too.) I also have little time to share all I wish to share with other mama's out there...to be part of the larger culture, the discourse, and to hopefully find some others just like me.

But you know what? LIFE IS GOOD...truly, even when it is type HARD! AND how could it not be when I am given the gift of this face every day:

My little boho-baby at the awesome 'Pirate Ship Park" wearing a shirt
by Misha Lulu. Addie is 8 months, crawling like mad, standing and squatting,
babbling up a storm, and loving all that is life.


  1. gorgeous picture.. let me know if there is anything i can do for you.. from texas :-/